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High Points in the United States
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South Dakota - Harney Peak 2007

Harney Peak Trail Journal 2007

We were on our family vacation during the summer of 2007 traveling through Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. I had tried to coordinate the trip so we could camp near the trailhead of the high point for South Dakota. Harney Peak is in the Black Hills area and has an elevation of 7,242 feet. There is a lookout tower on top. The trailhead is actually at a small lake (Lake Sylvan) and this was the lake that was in the movie National Treasure "Book of Secrets". It was the scene in which they found the opening into the rocks.

While the family was sleeping, I got up and walked to the trailhead from our tent. I proceeded to hike the trail. It rained lightly initially then stopped. The trail was easy going all the way to the top. The total round trip was six miles and the elevation gain was 1,550 feet. No bad. Besides one person backpacking on the trail (not sure why), I was the only person on the trail until my way down. The top of the mountain actually has a lookout tower all made out of stone. It was quite a structure. I could not find a register. I stayed on top for about 20 minutes and enjoyed the view of the surrounding hills and trees. I then proceeded down the trail and joined my family at the campground. We packed up and proceeded to drive to our next vacation destination.

It turns out that Harney Peak is the 15th highest peak in the US. Nice peak to have under my belt. .
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