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High Points in the United States
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Nebraska - Panorama Point (5,424)

Trail Journal 2007

The highpoint in Nebraska is 5,424 feet in elevation. It it not a peak and there really is not trail. It is just a monument in the middle of some private field. Our family were on our summer vacation traveling through a few states including Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. This high point is almost near the north east border of Colorado. On September 6, 2007, we drove up to the  field and there was a sign at the entrance to the field. The sign requested a five dollar donation which we paid. We then followed the tire tracks across the field and cows and drove right up to the monument. We signed the register and took a few pictures. Andrew accidentally touched the fence only to realize it was an electric fence. He had a shocking experience. A few of us also picked up some dried cow patties and had a "chip" throwing contest. Pretty full as long as you keep your mouth closed.

Nice wide views of the world in a quiet cow field. No sweat getting to this highpoint.
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