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Last updated on 03-03-2010
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High Points in the United States
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Colorado - Mt. Elbert (14,440)

Mt Elbert Trail Journal 2010

Mt Elbert is the highest peak in Colorado. It is the second highest peak in the continental United States.

During this summer of 2010, our family and some friends traveled to Colorado for some camping in Southern Colorado. My friend Alan and I made some plans to do a day hike up Mt Elbert. So on Tuesday July 27, we got up and left our camp area at 5am. We drove to the Leadville area and arrived at the trailhead at 8:30.

We were glad we acclimated a few nights at the 9,000 elevation. We proceeded to go up the North trail. It was a very clear sky. However once we broke through the treeline, the clouds began to show up. Soon, just before the got to the summit, it began to sleet on us. Since we were so close to the top we proceeded ahead and summitted at 1pm. We only spent about 5 minutes on top since we heard some lightning and the sleet was getting stronger. I had a nice tuna pouch I was planning on enjoying on the top. My stomach was aching due to the hunger. Nevertheless, we needed to get down the mountain. We took a few pictures and then hit the trail back down again. Once we got lower down near the treeline, the rain and sleet stopped and we sprawled on the ground near some trees and enjoyed our delayed lunch. Boy, did that hit the spot.

We got back to the car at about 3:30. We hit the road back for the long drive back. We got back to camp before dark and enjoyed a hearty dinner that night.

I had previously attempted Mt Elbert via the south trail with Jennifer in June 2009 but had to turn back since we ran into snow and bad weather. It was nice to finally get this peak done and in good shape. Doing this peak in late July was optimal I think.

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