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Mt Woodson is a 2901 foot peak located east of Poway and a bit west from Ramona. This is a peak that can be seen from many miles away while driving in north county. There are two routes up to the top: one from the east and one from the west.

The east approach is 3.6 miles round trip, gains 1,200 feet elevation and is popular. It starts at the CDF Ramona fire station located on the 67 highway just before heading into Ramona. Just park on the shoulder of the 67 highway. I like hiking this one for training and cardiovascular workouts. Most of the hike upward is on a paved fire road that is used for access to all the communication equipment on the top of the mountain.

The west approach begins at Lake Poway and is 6.5 miles round trip. The elevation gain is 2,300 feet. Note, the Lake Poway area closes its gates at sunset so plan your trip accordingly.

The top of Mt Woodson is home to numerous communications buildings, antennas, and humming. I would guess that a few of these structures date back to WWII. Also found on top is the remains of the fire lookout base which was first built in 1936. I believe after several remodels it was removed in the 1980's.

The view from top is pretty spectacular and one can see the entire basin surrounding the San Diego area and the mountains to the north and east.

Mt Woodson - Poway/Ramona
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