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Lawson Peak is located located in San Diego County about 30 minute drive due east from the city of San Diego.

The hike is a 4.5 mile round trip to Lawson Peak which is full of spectacular views and a unique rock scrambling route near the top that includes entry through a cave like feature. The trail begins at a small shoulder just on Lyons Valley Road and is indicated by a jeep road entry near mile marker 13. There is room on a large shoulder for 3 cars to park. Otherwise there is no sign.

The trail proceeds up a jeep road full of boulders, ruts and rocks. On a lucky day you will be able to enjoy watching off-road jeeps crawl slowly up the road as they bounce around. I have hiked this route several times and nearly half the time, there are jeeps coming up.

One hike I was able to hike with my wife to the top on my birthday. Another recent time, I was able to hike with some friends in January. We saw 7 off-road jeeps. It was a bit windy on top perhaps about 40 miles an hour winds. We hike thru the cave to get up on top. On the way down, we took the rope down as someone had left a nice climbing rope that descended perhaps 15 feet down the side. Cool.

The views a regreat in all directions with the ocean to the west, the Mexican peaks to the south, Snow capped San Jacinto, San Gorgonio and Mt Baldy to the north and Mt Cuyamaca to the north east.

Lawson Peak